The White Rock Blues Society


Diva's Ready To Shine

This coming Saturday music lovers will once again have the opportunity to bath themselves in blues/roots music as some lovely singers will be putting on a show you must see. Willie Dixon of Chicago Chess Records fame is on record as saying “the blues are the facts of life put to music”. These ladies will keep you dancing on the spacious Rhumba Room dance floor all evening sharing the lyrical facts of life, blues style. Cathy Ann Wells headlined our sell-out Valentine's Day Show last year and she was a knock-out. We would have loved to have had her back but there was a conflict. Check these out from last year’s show, This is not a White Rock Blues Society event but we are very supportive of this collection of fine entertainers playing our neck of the woods. Many White Rock Blues Society volunteers will be there and hats off to Jodi Gilbert for leading the charge in putting this show on. Come on down and give them the support they deserve. Check out the Alex Browne piece on the show that ran on March 4hth in the Peace Arch News. Link below. Peace Arch News Diva’s ready to shine Willie Dixon also said in the introduction of his autobiography, The Willie Dixon Story, I Am The Blues, “The delivering of messages in a song is the blues, but today people don’t look into the song for information. They just sing the song for the music quality and they never get the actual reason for the song. People have lost the original blues and the blues itself by other creations that surround it. That’s the reason I always say about music, the blues are the roots and the other music are the fruits. Without the roots, you have not fruits so it’s better keeping the roots alive because it means better fruits from now on. That’s why I say the blues will always be because the blues are the roots of all American music”