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E Mail From Jason Buie

Jason Buie Europe Tour Update Hi Folks, first 10 shows of the tour went great. We have played some really cool venues. Great vibe much music, culture and art. I am feeling very fortunate. We have a great road manager Ralf Neauman.... we travel in a 2009 Mercedes Van, a step up from the tour in May. On our off days we stay at a really nice house in Hamburg. This is such a great city! We saw Eric Sardinas at "The Downtown Blues Club" he is an amazing slide guitar player. We got to hang after the show....great bunch of guys from Orange County, California ( I also checked out The Beatlemania Exhibit here. 5 floors of authentic artifacts and memorbilia. Unfortunatley could not take pics. It was very inspiring. I learned back in the day (early 60´s) Hamburg was The Beatles second home. This Tuesday night we have off and are going to see Chick Corea at The Fabrik!! Tonight we play Hamburg. We had Sunday off but spent 9 hrs rippin`up the autobahn. We have 14 more shows to go on this tour. I have met some great people and made some good connections over here. I was doing an radio interview the other night and the D.J had heard of The White Rock Blues Society. We have also followed The Twisters in some clubs, they made a great impression over here. Have lots more interesting stories to share but gotta get ready for the gig!! Also want to add what a pleasure it is working with Guenther Kapelle (Bass Player, Wild T and The Spirit) on bass again. He is one of the funniest and smartest guys I`ve worked with! We will keep ya posted!! Thank-You for your e-mails and support!! Regards, Jason Buie Join Jasons E-mail list at....